What we do: Software Development in Memphis

We never say no to a good challenge; whether you are building a brand, selling products or services, or developing strong relationships with your customers. We can help you achieve your business objectives more effectively through custom developed products.

memphis software development

How we do it

memphis application development

Our premise is straightforward: we want your business to grow. We will use our knowledge, experience and talent to understand your needs, to set targets and to deliver against them. Our software becomes a mirror of your business processes, so functions and associate interaction will be seamless.

Is this right for your Memphis based business

memphis software development

"Surely, someone has written this software before."

True, a lot of business functions have been defined by corporate software vendors, but anyone who has used these products knows that it is not a perfect fit. Also, the yearly licensing can become a huge cost over the years and technical support can become a nightmare.

Modern Services offers extremely affordable development foundations, and as your business grows, your software can grow with it.

Modern Services handles our cabling, access controls, and network support for our school of 1200 students. Service is usually same day. They have satisfied a wide range of IT requests from Fiber termination to switch VLAN setup for classroom isolation. We specifically use Brad and Steve and cannot say enough good things about their professionalism and experience.

We as a company have been working with Modern Services for the past 5 years. They do all of our IT work here in the office and more. We have had a security camera system installed, many data drops, phone lines, etc... They also do all of our web site development and help with our SEO and SEM campaigns. Great company to work with and their response time is excellent. I would highly recommend Modern Services to anyone.

The ModernServices guys have turned our network right side up. Where most small companies are outsourcing and switching to the "Cloud", they brought our data back. They have shown us how to make our network work for us, not some Cloud provider.