Memphis Structured Cabling Installations

Office technology is becoming a mesh. Does your phone system mesh with your IT? Our bird’s eye view of IT, Audio Visual, and Phone Systems, allows us to advise you on your office cabling comprehensively and with foresight. We start with a free walk-through where together we develop a floor plan. Our cabling architect, Steve Butler, has been installing voice and data cabling in Memphis and the MidSouth area for over 10 years. We handle everything from single terminations to multi-floor cabling projects and server room cabling.

  • Voice and Data Cabling

    Connecting your computers to your peripherals, your telephones to your phone system, your office to the world.
  • Lifetime Warranty

    Every cable run comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • In-House Crew

    Instead of outsourcing jobs like many vendors do, we utilize our in-house crew to provide reliable and durable cabling.
  • AV / Wireless / Fiber Optic Infrastructure

    With extensive experience in cutting-edge conference room and computer network design, we can cable for any device your office may need.
  • Consultations / Floor Plans

    Every cabling jobs starts with a free consultation, and leads to detailed floor plans to maximize clarity and minimize error.

What you need to know when cabling for a new or existing space

When preparing to move into a new office space, or expand an existing one, it is important to keep in mind that you will need to run cables for many phone and computer locations. The locations for fax machines, network printers, Memphis Cabling jobs, Cat5 installscanners, and postage machines should also be taken into account. It is important not to overlook wireless access point locations, wiring for any door access control (key pad or card reader), door intercom, and conference room cabling.

In a conference room there may not only be a need for phone and computer connections, but also video conferencing, the ability to plug in a laptop and display on a wall mounted TV, and cable TV service. Consideration should also be given to the cable box; Will it be placed locally in the room – insight or out of the way, in a credenza or the IT room? The environment of the space will also be a factor when wiring for computers and networks because that will determine the path that the cable can be run. For example if there is standard drop ceiling with 2′ by 2′ ceiling tiles or an open ceiling the cables will have to be run along the baseboard, on top of HVAC ductwork, or cable trays, etc.

Why would you choose us for your low voltage project or technical cabling issue in Memphis?

Our low voltage cabling crews are cross trained on network technologies such as Cisco, Juniper, and Adtran equipment. When an issueMemphis Cabling jobs, Cat5 install is outside of other cabling companies scope, we can still help troubleshoot the problem. There are been numerous occasions of a client requesting a drop re-ran due to a node not connecting, and after determining the wiring was not the culprit; we helped the customer troubleshoot VLANs, Spanning Tree, and other network issue without calling in another vendor. Our low voltage crew can easily provide a remote GotoAssist session for a Cisco certified network engineer to evaluate any problem.

Using Modern Services of Memphis for your low-voltage / wiring project will save you time and money.

Modern Services handles our cabling, access controls, and network support for our school of 1200 students. Service is usually same day. They have satisfied a wide range of IT requests from Fiber termination to switch VLAN setup for classroom isolation. We specifically use Brad and Steve and cannot say enough good things about their professionalism and experience.

We as a company have been working with Modern Services for the past 5 years. They do all of our IT work here in the office and more. We have had a security camera system installed, many data drops, phone lines, etc... They also do all of our web site development and help with our SEO and SEM campaigns. Great company to work with and their response time is excellent. I would highly recommend Modern Services to anyone.

The ModernServices guys have turned our network right side up. Where most small companies are outsourcing and switching to the "Cloud", they brought our data back. They have shown us how to make our network work for us, not some Cloud provider.