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Memphis – Job Opening

Offering a unique career opportunity in IT technologies based in Memphis Tennessee. We are searching for an IT enthusiast to help in areas related to Networking, System Administrator, Managed Services, and ...


Enhancing Wi-Fi Surveys with Ekahau: Exploring AP on a Stick (APoS) in Memphis, TN

Introduction:Wi-Fi connectivity has become an essential aspect of our daily lives, whether we’re at home, in the office, or on the go. Ensuring optimal Wi-Fi performance requires meticulous planning and t...

Memphis Fiber Splicing machine
Low Voltage Networking Structured Cabling

Memphis Fusion Splicing

In the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, a technological revolution is underway, spearheaded by Modern Services, a cutting-edge company that specializes in fiber optic fusion splicing. In an era where connectivity i...

CoChannel Interference
Low Voltage Memphis Wireless Networking Structured Cabling WiFi

WiFi Wide Channels and Co Channel Interference in Memphis warehouses and factories

The Issue It’s a very common issue for wireless vendors (Aruba, Meraki, Ruckus, Ubiquiti) to push defaults in controllers for wide channels in 5Ghz. The wider the channel the more bandwidth you get. T...

Ruckus WiFi Logo
Ruckus WiFi

Ruckus WiFi for the Warehouse

Wireless networks have become increasingly important in industrial environments, particularly in warehouses and distribution centers. One of the most popular wireless solutions for these environments is the Ruc...

Cloud Low Voltage Networking

Improving Charter School Communication with Algo Intercoms and Cloud Phone Systems in Memphis, TN

As schools in Memphis, TN continue to rely on remote learning and virtual classrooms, the need for efficient and reliable communication systems has become more important than ever. Cloud phone systems have emer...

Memphis Low Voltage Contractors
Low Voltage Networking Structured Cabling

Armored Fiber Optics with IDFs

Our latest project: five hundred thousand square foot warehouse in Byhalia, Mississippi. MDF houses a Corning CCH04 for connecting armored fiber to 10 IDF. MDF LIU Thick armored fiber running into bac...

Low Voltage Memphis Wireless Networking WiFi

Meraki WiFi

Installing Meraki wireless in Memphis, TN can help businesses to provide reliable and high-performance wireless connectivity to their employees and customers. Meraki, a Cisco company, offers a range of wireless...

Low Voltage Memphis Wireless Networking Structured Cabling WiFi

Wifi Site Survey

We utilize Ekahau PRO and the Ekahau Sidekick to show you what the wireless is doing on your network. They are the global leaders in solutions for enterprise wireless network design – in other words &#821...

Low Voltage Memphis Wireless WiFi

UBIQUITI Nanostations

Point to point (p2p) wireless connections have never been easier with the Unfi Nanostations. When we need to link campus buildings for ethernet connectivity these devices make the work simple and easy. Pictures...